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5th Saturday Rimfire Match

April 29, 2017
Hammer Down 9 am

Setup on Friday at 1:30 pm
Help with setup - Shoot for FREE!
This guy is NOT invited!
Thunder Tactical Shooters is having a "Rimfire" match on the 5th Saturday in April. This match is for pistols or rifles of the "smaller-sized" calibers.

All magazines will be loaded to a mximum of 10 rounds each.  The minimum number of magazines needed will be 2, but 3-4 are recommended.  No holsters are needed for the pistol division as all stages will start at low ready position.  (Please bring a pouch or container for your pistol.  This is used to bring the unloaded gun to the start position (barrel), and also gives you a place to store your unloaded pistol when not shooting.)

Registration opens at 8 am.  Hammer down at 9 am.

Chuck Norris might (not) be there!

Setup is the day before.  Watch this site for information on setup and how you can help!
Welcome New Shooters!
Thunder Tactical Shooters is a nonprofit organization of private individuals that hosts defensive pistol competitions for the enjoyment of IDPA members in Southeast, Texas.  Whether you just purchased your first handgun or you've owned one for years (but never competed) you are welcome to join us!

Where We Shoot

Stay in Touch - Weather Happens

We can send you a text when range conditions are a cause for cancellation.  To sign up, please send an email to

Include the following:
*  Your Name
*  Your cell phone number
*  Your carrier (AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, etc.)

TTS Weekly Practice Matches

Wednesday & Thursday Evenings

April 26 & 27, 2017

Hammer Down at 6:30 pm

Just Shoot Fast!

Make plans to join Thunder Tactical Shooters on Wednesday or Thursday (or both) for one of our weekly practice matches. This is your chance to practice the basic skills required to safely and accurately shoot your defensive handgun.  It's also a big bunch of fun!

Practice matches involve breaking into 8-10 person "squads" and shooting each of five separate stages/scenarios.  Each stage/scenario cusually requires 12-24 rounds and will often include your need to reload, shoot at targets while moving, shooting around barricades or barrels, or other skills that challenge the shooter.

New (or first-time) shooters MUST arrive by 6 pm for a New Shooter's Orientation.  TTS staff will review stage designs, the range commands, safety topics, and other issues that you'll confront in the weekly match.

The weekly match is one reason that "practical shooting" is the MOST FUN you can have shooting at paper targets at any gun range!  Don't miss out!  Register at the MATCH SIGNUP graphic at the top of this page.

Thunder Tactical Shooters
May Monthly Match

Saturday, May 13, 2017
9:00 am Hammer Down
The May monthly match is scheduled for May 13, 2017. 
We will post more details here when we hear from the MD for the month.

Make plans to join us and register using the MATCH SIGNUP link at the top of this page. 

Match setup is the day before (Friday, May 12).  
Setup time to be determined.  

As always, help with setup and you can shoot the match
(TTS Fees) for FREE!

PractiScore Match Results
Match results for those IDPA matches shot at TTS will be posted at the Match Signup page (referenced above).  Scores for matches that are NOT standard IDPA formats (PASS, Hybrid, etc.) are not able to be posted at the Match Signup.  You will find those results on PractiScore.  Visit the link and search using the term TTS.

TTS Match Signup REFUND Policy

We have instituted a new REFUND Policy for cases where the range is not open or a shooter cannot attend a scheduled event.  To view a summary of the policy CLICK HERE.